FAFSA Checklists

North Tama seniors are making plans to become musicians, agronomists, nurses, electricians, wind turbine specialists, teachers, auto mechanics, welders and more!  An important part of planning for a career is completing the Free Application for Financial Assistance (FAFSA).  It sounds like a scary government form.  It's a government form, but it's not that scary.  It is important.  It helps you get scholarships, grants, work study jobs, and federal student loans.

2024-25 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form is now available.

First step, make sure you have a FSA ID username and password. The student and at least one parent need and FSA ID to complete the FAFSA. Your FSA IDs must be set up and verified BEFORE you file the FAFSA. Some of the money is first come, first served so don't wait any longer to apply.  Find FAFSA.gov online and select 2024-2025 School Year.  

Dylan Hosek and Rebecca Dostal said, "The process of filling out the FAFSA form was really very simple.  I thought it would take forever, but it ended up taking around 20 minutes.  We sat down at the computer and worked on it together.  Most of the questions are just normal information like birthdate and social security number.  As far as the parent financials, I signed a paper that allowed FAFSA to transfer my tax information directly from the IRS.  We started receiving emails from the schools he selected on the form in a couple of weeks after submitting the FAFSA.  Dylan has already received a financial aid package from his college of choice.  If someone wants some help, we would be happy to tell them how we did it."

When asked about the FAFSA process Tammy Manderfield Jones said, "It was super easy.  They walk you through the process.  There is an IRS tool that will get your information from your taxes.  It always makes me nervous to put that information out, but they send a paper confirmation.  The first time was a little hard when parent and student create passwords and accounts, but second year only took half an hour.  It's one application for many scholarships and other financial helps."

Phyllis McKee wants to make sure North Tama students know the FAFSA is needed for North Tama Dollars for Scholars scholarships.  Phyllis took a Zoom training this summer and is qualified to help students and their families with the FAFSA.  She has a help sheet she would be happy to share with anyone. phyllisamckee@gmail.com

Lindsay Linck, High School Guidance Counselor said, "Students along with their parents or guardians should fill out the FAFSA regardless of income.  The FAFSA not only allows you the opportunity to get federal student aid, but it is also often required for scholarships.  Although the process can feel overwhelming, we have many resources to help.  Please feel free to contact me with questions."